Thursday, February 9, 2023

On A Lighter Note.

 LOL)) Thanks to iEarlGrey...

He is absolutely correct--this shit is reported for people to know and make their own conclusions:

The issue here is that this Kagan's org--I mean ISW--is a great vehicle for a complete discreditation of the US military, since US generals like Keane, Petreaus and others who abuse sinecures in this so called "institute", have no fvcking clue on the subject of strategic operations, especially as they correspond to overall national defense strategy, it is beyond their experiences, plus, of course, they have zero situational awareness since operate primarily on the Kiev's propaganda. But in the end, can anyone show me anything in biographies of those military "experts" which shows them winning anything in any serious war? Ah, wait, they are good only at fighting goat herders, and even these "forces" they cannot defeat. Somebody show to Petraeus and Keane what WW II on the Eastern Front was, not that it is going to help them.

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