Monday, February 27, 2023

50 Times! Pepe Escobar In Moscow.

I expand here a little bit on the Moscow-Beijing axis, but not before reviewing what Sergei Chemezov and Rostec have in store for friends and enemies alike. 

Meanwhile, Pepe, who is in Moscow now, wrote an excellent piece for the Saker Blog. 

Whatever happens next geopolitically, Russia is at heart a – giant – obstacle on the warmongering path of the Hegemon: the ultimate target is top “threat” China. Putin’s ability to size up our extremely delicate geopolitical moment – via a dose of highly concentrated, undiluted realism – is something to behold. And then Foreign Minister Lavrov provided the sweet cherry on top, calling the hapless US ambassador for a hardcore dress down: oh yeah, this is war, hybrid and otherwise, and your NATO mercenaries as well as your junk hardware are legitimate targets. Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Security Council, now more than ever relishing his “unplugged” status, made it all very clear: “Russia risks being torn apart if it stops a special military operation (SMO) before victory is achieved.” And the message is even more acute because it represents the – public – cue to the Chinese leadership at the Zhongnahhai to understand: whatever happens next, this is the Kremlin’s unmovable official position.

The stage is, indeed, set, but one thing has to be understood--I repeat it non-stop for the last several years--and Vladimir Mozhegov explains it well today (In Russian): 

Russia is different and last Europe.

And she is not saving the previous one. Rightly so. The one which may (may, as in if) come instead of current cloaca--we will cross this bridge when we get to it.

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