Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Let Larry Speak.

About confirmation of what we suspected all along. 

There is no other journalist, dead or alive, that can match the work and legacy of Sy Hersh — e.g., Watergate, CIA Assassinations, the Glomar Explorer, My Lai Massacre, Abu Ghraib, Syrian False Flag Chemical Weapon, Killing Bin Laden and now, the U.S. attack on the Nord Stream Pipeline.The reaction of the government hacks to Sy’s revelations follows the same script with one new addition — a vociferous denial and a vicious dismissal attributing Sy’s report to the musings of an addled old man. Full disclosure — Sy Hersh is an old friend in all senses of that expression. Our first meeting came in September 1981 when he accepted my invitation to speak to a group of Washington Semester students at the American University. During our introductory chat we discovered that we each had a son named Josh that was born that year. We stayed in touch over the years and Sy became my go to golf partner. He’s now approaching 86 years on this earth but hits the golf ball like a 60 year old. He also is a tennis fanatic. His talent as an athlete pales in comparison to his genius as an investigative journalist.

Read the whole thing at Larry's blog. Germany took it and didn't even blink. Latest poll in which 82% of Germans view Russia as the main threat to the world peace explains everything. 

Translation: Russia and China biggest threats to peace Russia in particular is currently seen as a threat to peace, with some distance followed by China and North Korea. 82 percent of the population see Russia as that Country from which in the next few years the greatest threat to world peace goes out 60 percent also make this judgment in relation to China, 52 percent in relation on North Korea. The assessment of Russia has changed over the past two years completely changed. Just two years ago, only 32 percent of Population of Russia among high risk countries, start In 2022 it was 66 percent, currently 82 percent. 

One of those very black and white (no shades of gray) pictures which do not require any additional elaborations. A perfect demonstration that there is nothing to talk about with Europe.

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