Thursday, February 9, 2023

No Comments Needed.

Well, sort of. 

Calmly, without grandiose gestures and PR. Just like that. It is also known that China was dumping treasuries since 2022 and, looks like, the arrangements are being made to completely remove any remnants of "credibility" from moribund US Dollar and Euro, whose fate is pretty clear now because of upcoming (when, don't ask me, I don't know) collapse of the EU and, finally, NATO. How will this develop is very difficult to predict but it is now the matter of WHEN, not IF. SMO is designed to address this issue. 

For doubters, here is my friend Colonel Vladimir Trukhan (in Russian) explains on fingers what is going on and what aims Russia pursues--very successfully--in former 404. 

The title of interview is:

The Enemy Could Not Defeat Us Economically, Hence Transition To Real War.
Use Google translate, Volodya explains it in simplest terms and reserves more emotional responses, LOL, for upcoming Friday when three of us: Vera, Volodya and me will meet yet again (I lost count already) on podcast and will discuss--and you have guessed it--SMO from operational and strategic POV. In related news, pay attention to Alexandr Rogers excellent columns. And if you followed even intermittently Russian info-space, you may have noticed a dramatic reduction of "noise" from all those military "reporters" in Russia, who, such as Sladkov, Pegov, Kotz et all. completely discredited the profession. As with the US Dollar, you know, reputations are built for a long time, but are destroyed in an instance. 

In related news CNN asked Evgenii Prigozhin (Wagner's leader) the next question: Good afternoon, Can you please explain why recruitment in the Russian prison system has ended for Wagner? What is the reason behind this? 

Prigozhin's response: After the release of Wagner PMC advertisement aimed at American audience we received more than 10 million applications from US citizens wishing to join the Wagner PMC to fight against NATO. At the moment, we are considering about one million American citizens for employment. Therefore, we temporarily suspended the recruitment of volunteers from Russian prisons, however, if there is a corresponding request from the US State Department, we will recruit from American ones."

He did actually respond like that. Of course, this part was ignored by CNN, LOL. But on a more serious note on this issue: Vladimir Rogov today informed (in Russian) that several thousand of citizens of other countries, such as UK, US, Canadians, French, Germans, Portuguese, in all from 47 countries, want to join Russian Armed Forces to fight. He stated that after resolving logistics issues and background checks by FSB they may join. He also underscored that for many of those people it is the matter of not only fighting globalism but defeating it for their own countries to survive and reform. How strange, in a good way, to see today the rebirth of Internationalist Brigades fighting for a good cause. This is your primer.

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