Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Ben Wallace...

 ... you gotta love this. If I would have been a Sandhurst leadership, I would have died from embarrassment, but then again--British military is the same thing nowadays as British "scientists", or, for that matter, British space station. 

Ben Wallace wouldn't be allowed to command a battalion in any serious army, but then again, modern British military and "intel" is a caricature and the only thing they have left at their disposal is dissemination of an utter operational and strategic BS. But then again, it looks like British and US top brass lacks basic education in operations and national defense strategies, and we can forgive them for exposing themselves as ignorant NCOs trying to compete with people from Russian military who are teaching those who want to learn how you fight a massive war in economy of force mode. Somebody should tell Wallace that PR and spewing BS is not a substitute for real knowledge and experience in modern large scale combined arms warfare in which British General Staff has zero experience, not to speak of Ben Wallace losing 97% of his professional honor by parading himself as a sore loser, who he is being in charge of the toy armed forces, and cannot take it. But that is a human virtue, or lack thereof, and no amount of lectures on Russia's defense policies and Russian way of war can change what UK lost long time ago across the board--class.      

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