Saturday, February 25, 2023

It Is Happening In Education!

And people are elated.

ЯЛТА /Республика Крым/, 25 февраля. /ТАСС/. Российское образование после отказа от Болонской системы будет опираться на все лучшее, что есть в его традициях, в том числе советские стандарты, сообщил журналистам в субботу первый заместитель руководителя администрации президента РФ Сергей Кириенко на педагогической дискуссии "Год педагога и наставника глазами педагога". "То, что российская система образования имеет столетние уникальные традиции, которыми мы по праву можем гордиться, и мы не имеем право потерять это наследие, должны его бережно использовать, в том числе и наследие советской школы, которая по праву считалось одной из лучших в мире. Не случайно. Вы слышали в послании во вторник на этой неделе президент [РФ Владимир Путин] говорил об отказе от Болонской системы и во многом о возвращении к советскому стандарту, который был и в системе высшего образования и среднего образования. <…> Поэтому опираться на все лучшее, что есть в российской, советской школе, кстати, во всей мировой школе, - это, конечно, абсолютно правильно", - сказал Кириенко.

Translation: YALTA /Republic of Crimea/, 25 February. /TASS/. Russian education after the abandonment of the Bologna system will rely on all the best that is in its traditions, including Soviet standards, Sergei Kiriyenko, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, told reporters on Saturday at a pedagogical discussion "The Year of the Teacher and Mentor through the Eyes of a Teacher." "The fact that the Russian education system has centuries-old unique traditions that we can rightly be proud of, and we have no right to lose this heritage, we must carefully use it, including the legacy of the Soviet school, which was rightfully considered one of the best in the world "Not by chance. You heard in a message on Tuesday this week the President [of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin] spoke about the rejection of the Bologna system and in many respects about returning to the Soviet standard, which was also in the system of higher education and secondary education. <...> Therefore, rely to all the best that is in the Russian, Soviet schools, by the way, in the entire world school - this, of course, is absolutely correct," Kiriyenko said.

Remarkably, if there is an Exhibit A of an immense power of the Soviet educational system, it is Sergei Kiriyenko himself . A man of many real talents, he wouldn't be where he is today if not for fundamental education he received in public school and a shipbuilding faculty of the Nizhny Novgorod Water Transport Institute. Yes, He is an engineer by education. Russia is undergoing a profound, healthy and much needed rotation of the "elites". I can tell you one thing for sure--people in Russia who developed RosAtom, MC-21 and created hypersonic weapons among many other things, they sure as hell never attended any fashionable Western university or VShE. In general--any degree mill granting useless B.A.s and B.S.s in "economics" or "climate sciences".

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