Wednesday, February 22, 2023

An Excellent Point.

And the angle. While scrolling through the comments to my latest video today,

I stumbled on a succinct commentary by one of the viewers:

The depth and implications of this commentary are much larger than may seem at first. Yet, it is a very good explanation of Germany's economic suicide, which goes extremely well with this "piece". Andrew Cockburn, decrying the failure of sanctions,

We were promised ‘economic shock and awe’ against Russia. But one year after its brutal invasion of Ukraine, Moscow looks poised to weather the worst of Western sanctions.

The fundamental miscalculation underlying this apparently unforeseen failure of the economic weapon parallels the record of another instrument of coercion cherished by the U.S. over the course of the last century. Strategic bombing targeted against “critical nodes” of an opponent’s war-making apparatus has, like its economic counterpart, singularly failed to achieve its desired objectives, most recently in the “targeted killing” campaign against the Taliban’s human infrastructure. Both strategies rest on a mechanistic view of the targeted system in which components deemed essential to its functions can be identified and destroyed. Taliban and similar insurgent operations always adapted speedily to the loss of supposedly key individuals. Just as Hitler’s Germany did to U.S. bombing of “critical” ball bearing factories, so Putin’s Russia has adapted to Singh’s confident assault. It has become clear that he or whoever planned the sanctions strategy didn’t really understand the Russian economy very well, especially its place in the global system.

I have news for Cockburn--there ARE NO people in all of the US military-political establishment today who can really understand not only Russia, but the world outside the Beltway. Moreover, they, as I am on record, top-bottom, cannot do strategy, because they lack in fundamentals. Read my lips--US "machine" of elites' manufacturing is utterly broken, because the way those "elites" are educated is a complete utter academic fraud based on, at best, shaky assumptions, at worst--on a radical rewriting of history. It is the house of cards and we see it in the process of collapse upon encounter with reality and the winds of history. Germany? Hey, it was Germany's choice.

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