Saturday, February 11, 2023

Larry On Jobs.

I heard about Dr. Snyder before. Now Larry introduces his numbers in his blog. I am not surprised at all since I am on record--Washington cooks books. 

Read the whole thing at Larry's. Meanwhile, manipulation with jobs statistics--a euphemism for fraud--goes back to 1980s and already in his hard-hitting treatise 1994 edition The End of Work Jeremy Rifkin accused Clinton Admin of lying about "jobs creation" by withholding the truth about those "jobs"--entry level, low pay and part-time seasonal jobs. Now people get alarmed, rightly so, with massive layoffs. Today, though, you cannot conceal those. As much as I abhor Trump, don't look at me--I didn't vote for Biden. IT sector which is being slaughtered now largely did. Buyer's Remorse? At least Trump knew one thing--you fail the US Dollar, Game Over for the US. Biden Administration killed it.

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