Friday, February 3, 2023

Friday. And A Fun "Competition".

Many of you know that I write... I mean torture myself with the fourth book and, you may have guessed it already, it is about the events of 2021-2023. Geopolitics and war. I thought to title the book Vom Kriege (On War), but then I remembered that some German (Prussian, really) dude wrote the book with this title in 1830s, wink, wink. The Art of War was also taken by this nasty Chinese plagiarist who beat me to it about 2.5 thousand years before, LOL. Strategy title was taken by Alexander Svechin. So, you see how difficult is my life. Now, for shits and giggles, knowing what I do and what I write and against the background of the events of the last two years, who would dare to propose the title for my new book. Caveat: World War Three title is verbotten, because it was already abused by a bunch of political "scientists". 

And here is a reward from a genius:

Have a go at it...

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