Saturday, September 17, 2022

Yet Another BS From WSJ.

No, really. The bunch of the so called "journalists" from this tabloid rag are at it again. 

Now, here is the guy who knows about it more than all US MSM and so called "Intel" community combined.

САМАРКАНД, 16 сен - РИА Новости. У России нет проблем с беспилотниками, они лучшие и их достаточно, заявил директор Федеральной службы по военно-техническому сотрудничеству Дмитрий Шугаев."У нас нет проблем с беспилотниками. У нас лучшие беспилотники. У нас самые замечательные беспилотники", - сказал он журналистам. На вопрос, достаточно ли их, Шугаев сказал, что "у нас всего достаточно". Ранее некоторые СМИ и Telegram-каналы распространили неподтвержденную информацию о том, что в зоне проведения спецоперации России на Украине якобы были найдены фрагменты беспилотника, внешне схожего с иранским дроном-камикадзе. Комментируя эти сообщения, Шугаев призывал верить только заявлениям по линии министерства обороны.
Translation: SAMARKAND, September 16 - RIA Novosti. Russia has no problems with drones, they are the best and there are enough of them, said Dmitry Shugaev, director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation. "We have no problems with drones. We have the best drones. We have the most wonderful drones," he told reporters. When asked if there were enough of them, Shugaev said that "we have enough of everything." Earlier, some media outlets and Telegram channels disseminated unconfirmed information that fragments of a drone, outwardly similar to an Iranian kamikaze drone, were allegedly found in the Russian special operation zone in Ukraine. Commenting on these reports, Shugaev urged to believe only statements from the Ministry of Defense.
But you can sense butt-hurt miles away from all kinds of Western media and "military" outlets. Pathetic. Only sore losers spread fakes and Western media and most "analysts" take a crown here. Larry wrote a superb piece on that:

Politicized intelligence is not a new phenomena. It happened during the War in Vietnam as President Johnson and Secretary of Defense McNamara pressured CIA analysts, George Allen and Sam Adams (those are real names) to change their conclusion that the Viet Cong had not been decimated by U.S. and South Vietnamese military operations. George, who trained me as a new analyst, wrote an amazing but largely unknown book, None So Blind: A Personal Account of the Intelligence Failure in Vietnam Hardcover – August 28, 2001. Allen tells you in detail how politics played a major role in that intelligence failure. Well worth your time.

I saw politicization as an analyst responsible for Honduras during the U.S. backed Contra war against the Nicaraguan Sandinistas. I recall one occasion where I puzzled over a CIA field report about a Contra attack on a Sandinista target but there was no corroborating intelligence. Because I had friends on the operations side of the house working on the Central American Task Force, I was able to make some quiet inquiries. I was stunned to learn that the guy in charge of the military ops in that task force–a guy who graduated from West Point in 68 but missed the war in Vietnam–was drafting the operations orders for missions he wanted the Contras to carry out and then published those orders as intel about the success of those operations. Only one little problem–the operations never took place.

I plan to speak about this tomorrow, especially in a view of a shitload of fakes spread by... Russian TG channels in the last week, all which have been utterly debunked by both Kremlin, MoD and real (REAL) military professionals. It is especially poignant against a terrifying data on many thousands of KIAs of VSU and foreign mercenaries (many of them are regulars with "legend") near Kharkov and annihilation of VSU forces around Kherson.

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