Friday, September 2, 2022

Larry Did A Good Summary...

...on the "offensive", including video of Russian soldier counting KIAs (he counted 39) from ill-fated saboteur group (one of two) by VSU which tried to take Zaporozhie NPP. 

While Alex and Alexander are visibly appalled by the scale of waste of human life by Kiev Regime and its puppet-masters from D.C. and London. 

I totally understand their rejection of what amounts to a criminal actions on part of Kiev and its "allies", but that is war, a real one, and when the final tally of this "counter-offensive" will be published, the Western public, the part which will decide to get real news, will be appalled. Not only by a scale of casualties of VSU, which are huge, but also by a complete military insanity of those who conceived this whole ordeal. 

As Larch provided the translation from TASS and... Kiev's own VSU people:

Ukraine's losses during the special military operation amount to hundreds of thousands of people, and the authorities did nothing to avoid casualties, former Deputy commander of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, ex-Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council General Serhiy Kryvonos said on the Ukrainian Media Network YouTube channel. "[We have] the right to say to the authorities: 'Why didn't you do anything, why < ... > hundreds of thousands of people died – why did they die? What did you do to save their lives? Stories about how it is untimely, it is an attempt to blur the memory, to erase history. And how can you erase the blood of the dead, who already number in the hundreds of thousands? Who will be responsible for this?" - TASS quotes the words of the general.

There are already some terrifying lesson for... NATO. This is the scale of daily losses the combined West armies will have to deal with if they decide to commit a suicide and get involved directly in Ukraine--no NATO country, especially the United States can face such level of losses in case of full-scale conventional war with Russia. The US Army (not to speak of US lapdogs in NATO) is simply not equipped for that kind of war and attrition rates. But I learned it from Alexander today when he mentioned that there is a period of mourning for killed around Kherson in Transcarpathia, which tells you that there is a desperate situation with mobilization reserves in VSU. More and more people from Western Ukraine are being drafted, barely trained and sent into the meat grinder. Well, they wanted to kill Russians, that was their best chance.

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