Friday, September 2, 2022

News of Today...

Everything you need to know about the fate of the West. 

Now observe how the myth of European industrialism of the last 50 years will be dispelled. It rested, actually, on three large pillars: 

1. Relative benevolence of the United States towards European energy policies, which still didn't preclude attempts of Reagan Administration to sabotage Soviet pipelines to Europe;

2. West Germany's Ostpolitik initiated by Willie Brandt's government and, successfully, continued by Helmut Schmidt; 

3. And, of course, USSR and now Russia supplying very affordable energy to Europe. 

It is over now. Today. Next step is this:

Which will see Russia stopping supplying oil for Europe and oil prices skyrocketing finishing off whatever is left from European economy.  So, that, combined with sheer desperation on part of DNC resulting in yesterday's mad psychobabble from Biden, is what defines modern West which is pretty much done by now. 

The main question at this stage is how fast the US will follow the Europe into oblivion. Interesting, really...

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