Tuesday, September 6, 2022

I Did A Video On Scales.

There was a lot of people who were offended by the fact that I exposed many of those Russian military "analysts" as frauds. Hey, who am I? Some dude who knows nothing. But while speaking about operational matters I was thinking about how to explain what scale is and why tactical minutiae is not good enough to give one a grasp of operational matter. And then... I recalled! The times when Bob Reiner was not a DNC cuck and a loser doing 24/7 fellatio in Hollywood--a normal MO for modern US "cultural elite", he left a mark with a great movie which, accidentally, left an indelible mark on the issue of scale and having an understanding of "larger scheme of things". There was never anything better than 18 inch Stonehenge. 

You may ask, and how this all relates to modern day geopolitics. I say it cuts to the heart of the issue. Did you see midgets dancing around 18 inch Stonehenge? There you go... this is your answer. Or as a great late American voice and a true talent, Meatloaf, sang on his greatest albums--In the land of the pigs, the butcher is king (c). Do you see parallels, do you feel the zeitgeist? 

Ah, the hell with it. It is Tuesday, but it is proper to put this masterpiece up. 

It is so... 2022, I couldn't resist. Guess who is a butcher.

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