Friday, September 23, 2022

That What This Is All About:

Graham Phillips provides some snippets:

While Western MSM provide some copious amounts of BS. As Larry notes:

Western sources are circulating videos on social media of lines of cars trying to get out of Russia and lines of young men at the airports looking for a safehaven overseas. Is it true? Well, there are other videos of lines forming outside military recruitment offices in Russia.

Sure, what do you expect from them--they are shit-diggers and will never report real news. So, here it is, the voting has started and for those who still do not understand, I reiterate--Russia is about to get additional 100,000 + square kilometers of territory and 5 + million people, that also means that Russia MUST form in essence a new military district, the one which is bordering de facto NATO. People forget about it. Just keep this in mind. 

This is the line to military commissariat in Chechnya--all these guys are there to volunteer. Same pictures one can observe all over Russia. Just saying. 

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