Saturday, September 3, 2022

Keeping What Matters In Focus.

Many already noted that "elite" forces of VSU (MI6 and SAS "trained", that is) undertook yet another attempt to kill themselves by means of attacking Zaporozhie NPP and kill they did. 

Russia’s defense ministry has confirmed that Ukraine has made yet another attempt to take over the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant late on Friday, revealing some details of Kiev’s operation, which failed. Over 40 motor boats, divided into two groups and carrying over 250 Ukrainian special operations troops and foreign mercenaries, tried to land on the coast of the Kakhovka reservoir not far from Energodar, host city of the nuclear power plant, a ministry statement said on Saturday. The attackers were quickly spotted and struck by Russia’s Su-30 jets and Ka-52 attack helicopters. Those strikes sunk some 20 boats, while the rest turned around and retreated. The remaining Ukrainian troops were than targeted by the Russian artillery as they tried getting ashore in the Ukrainian-controlled territory, the ministry said. According to Moscow, the failed attack on the nuclear power plant saw 47 Ukrainian service personnel killed, including ten foreign mercenaries, with at least 20 others wounded.

But this was totally expected and everyone knows Einstein's definition of insanity. But behind those numbers of killed and sheer incompetence of West's "top" which is de facto in control of Kiev regime, one MUST NOT ignore one simple fact, which receives merely a pro-forma treatment, while in reality being a stunning revelation. 

In this case, the opinion of the head of Military-Civilian Administration of liberated part of Zaporozhie Oblast Vladimir Rogov is key. He states, correctly, that suicidal missions of VSU (in Russian) are tied to the upcoming meeting of the so called NATO's Rammstein Group on Ukraine on the 8th of September, and serves a PR purpose in order to convince puppet masters that VSU still can fight. And here is the issue, there is nothing sensational, on the surface, in what Rogov states--the regime in Kiev is suicidal and, as I stated in my latest video, I take this promoted in Western media conflict between Zaluzhny and Zelensky with a grain of salt. I will elaborate later why I do so--it has everything to do with Zaluzhny and VSU, not with the mad clown. On the surface, there is nothing sensational, but in reality--it is startling and very disturbing. 

Rammstein Format is effectively a Pentagon-driven affair and here is where we come to this startling part. If Pentagon, which is a premier United States military outfit, its military "brain", so to speak, needs convincing from the Kiev regime in the ability of the Kiev regime to conduct "offensive operations", while de facto having US (and British) military driving the planning of one VSU disaster after another, while also providing a whole "package" of ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Recon) to Kiev, which is a definition of being involved directly in the Command and Control of VSU, it all means:

1. Not only the fact of Pentagon and Western intel services being fully aware of what is going on at the front, but that Rammstein Format is nothing more than a fig leaf covering, see below...

2. Two things simultaneously: attempts to ensure a gravy train of "free" money continuing to run, while simultaneously doing everything possible to make sure that it stops due to the main reason for it (VSU and "aid" to Ukraine) expiring with an increasing speed. 

3. That, inevitably, confirms not only a bi-polar dysfunction in the Pentagon, but also its sheer incompetence, especially when one considers the fact that it needs "convincing" from the VSU, when anyone with serious military background saw the defeat of Kiev Regime from the git go. 

So, it is a combination of a corruption, military incompetence and impotence which has been paraded time after time by the majority of the US military (former and present) through their media appearances and articles which confirm now a complete decomposition of the America's top brass most of who wouldn't be allowed to command a battalion in serious armed forces. Even WSJ had to publish a piece by General Mark Kimmitt who, discussing logistics, concludes yesterday:

Yet Mr. Zelensky must recognize that diminishing resupplies would have a disastrous effect on his army, not merely for battlefield operations but for the message of declining outside support it would send to the people of Ukraine. Beginning the diplomatic resolution would be distasteful, and perhaps seen as defeatist, but as there is little chance of climbing out of the current morass, it may be better to negotiate now than later.In modern high-intensity warfare, logistics is the Achilles’ heel. Good training, great tactics and brave soldiers are critical, but without weapons, food and fuel, armies grind to a halt. That may be what is happening as the battlefield becomes static and a breakthrough looks unlikely.The military often talks about the ability to see things clearly and comprehensively. Looking into a future of protracted war, diminishing high-tech systems and mounting casualties, Mr. Zelensky and NATO must face up to tough decisions before those decisions are forced on them.

What Kimmitt is saying is what I and many others started saying in March--VSU is done while the combined West simply has NO industrial and military-technological capacity to supply VSU with anything which will make any difference in Russia's SMO. Kimmitt proposes "negotiations" with Russia. I think it is too late for that and at the table is not Ukraine, whose fate is sealed, it is the combined West as we know it today--the entity which Russia has completely written off and that brings us to Russia's ultimatum. Recall, December 2021. 

Remember, I drill this idea in for a long time: only powerful issue ultimatums. Weak cannot issue ultimatums which mean anything. 

Washington crazies didn't get the message. Well, they surely have gotten it now and are desperate, especially when their bluff has been called, including exposing their military impotence--they are good only for PR and fighting third world paramilitaries. 
Meanwhile, Russia, which as we all know--Pentagon and CIA with MI6 tell us--is about to run out of personnel and ammo, holds Vostok-2022 maneuvers. 
Well, here is India's take:
Enjoy, if you will.

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