Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Desperate Times--Desperate Measures.

Saker nails it:

Reality is, the US was in the damage control mode for a long time now, and terrorism against pipelines is a clear sign of a desperation and is primarily reaction to decisive results of referenda. You just cannot spin anymore the fact that Russia returned to herself a territory one and a half times larger than that of the whole of Benelux, which also happens to be the producer of 80% of (former) Ukraine's GDP. You just cannot spin this with clogging media with useless and meaningless tactical minutiae of VSU "capturing" some village or town, or two, without any real prospects of holding those for long. So, you lash out in desperation, frustration and panic. And, of course, one needs to continue to spew BS. 

As I already pointed out--blowing the pipelines should not obscure the real situation:

The dynamics was obvious for a while. Russia is simply shutting EU off because EU is an open enemy of Russia, plus it stole Russian money. So, in overall economic terms it is not unexpected for Russia and necessary measures have been taken. Now EU will have to live without Russian gas and that means a final blow to Germany's, grossly overrated and overvalued, economy and it will also fail to produce any tangible benefits for the US economy, since the US economically right now is a complete mess. Interesting times we live in. Per pure geopolitical and military effect--wait for the developments in Ukraine and I believe it was Scott Ritter who described the outcome for the US in Ukraine as Afghanistan 1.0 but on steroids. I, honestly, expect nothing less, but something tells me that it will be more.

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