Friday, September 9, 2022

As Was Expected...

 ... once real information, not from telegram channels' ignoramuses and defeatists, not to mention IPSO trolls,  started to trickle down from Kharkov a much different picture began to emerge. For starters, the main "fix" of Kiev regime's propagandists--Balakleya (which is operationally not that important to start with)--is still not taken by VSU completely and, as was stated yesterday, Russian reserves are pouring in. Most importantly, VSU is now in the open and this may come as a surprise to Pentagon planners and commanders in charge of this "cascade" of the "offensives" which are blocked as I type it. The new "direction" could be Liman, but it seems that Pentagon will have to deal with the numbers of KIAs of VSU, which already yesterday were reported in excess of 5,000 KIAs and many more thousands of wounded, which any NATO army, including the US Army simply cannot sustain. In general, NATO's "planning" is unprofessional and is having huge issues with understanding of the "echeloning" offensive operations and the use of reserves.   

So, let's leave it at that and continue to observe the whole thing as it unfolds, I am sure we will have second and third waves of IPSO and Western media campaign in promoting "successes" of VSU. I will only reiterate my point--those who really want to follow events, forget about all those "reporters" and telegram channels', 99% of them are utter unprofessional BSers. In fact, many allegedly "pro-Russian" or "patriotic" channels play INTO the hands of Western and Ukie propaganda without even understanding it. I personally view Yuri Podolyaka as an IPSO asset and increasingly open enemy of SMO. 

Meanwhile, EU continues to parade itself as a freak-show. 

The European Central Bank will not give short-term financing to European energy firms struggling through the energy crisis, sky-high prices, and margin calls on the derivatives markets, ECB President Christine Lagarde said on Friday. “As far as the ECB is concerned, and the national central banks of the Eurosystem, of course we stand ready to provide liquidity to banks, not to energy utility firms,” Lagarde said at a news conference in Prague today, as carried by Bloomberg. “In this current, very volatile environment, it’s important that fiscal measures be put in place to provide liquidity to solvent energy-market participants, in particular utility firms,” the ECB chief added. Europe’s energy firms, for their part, are estimated to be facing margin calls of a total of $1.5 trillion in the derivatives market. Many of these firms will need policy support to cover those calls amid wild swings and skyrocketing gas and power prices. The $1.5-trillion estimate is even “conservative”, Helge Haugane, Equinor’s senior vice president for gas and power, told Bloomberg earlier this week. 

All this merely confirms my long-standing assertion that Western "elites" wouldn't be able to run a public restroom without bankrupting it and drowning it in shit. Will Russia kill European metal industry? Possible, after all it translates into arms industry, whatever is left of it in EU. So, enjoy the weekend;)) 

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