Thursday, September 8, 2022

Schizophrenia, Anyone?

National Institute of Mental Health defines schizophrenia as a serious mental illness and lists one of its major symptoms, among delusions and hallucinations, as: 

Here is why this thing came to my attention (via Ria.Ru) which reviewed a public opinion poll by ELABE which was reported by French TV Network BFMTV. In this poll ELABE asked next question and received next responces:

Les sanctions économiques contre la Russie jugées pas efficaces pour mettre fin à la guerre. Des Français plus partagés sur l’efficacité du soutien militaire et financier à l’Ukraine. 74% des Français considèrent que les sanctions économiques prises par l’Union Européenne et les pays occidentaux contre la Russie ne sont pas efficaces pour mettre fin à la guerre (dont 51% pas vraiment et 23% pas du tout).

Translation: Economic sanctions against Russia deemed not effective in ending the war French people more divided on the effectiveness of military and financial support for Ukraine 74% of French people consider that the economic sanctions taken by the European Union and Western countries against Russia are not effective in ending the war (including 51% not really and 23% not at all).

There is absolutely nothing sensational about it, if not to consider the OTHER question in this poll:

Face à la pression sur le pouvoir d’achat, l’adhésion aux sanctions contre la Russie et au soutien à l’Ukraine faiblit dans l’opinion publique

Concernant le soutien à l’Ukraine et les sanctions contre la Russie: 40% des Français (-6 depuis le 24 mars) des Français estiment que le soutien à l’Ukraine et les sanctions contre la Russie sont la priorité, même si cela a un impact de plus en plus important sur leur quotidien et le pouvoir d’achat des Français; 32% (-2) qu’il faut continuer de soutenir l’Ukraine et sanctionner la Russie, mais si cela a un impact trop important sur leur quotidien et le pouvoir d’achat des Français, il faudra réduire nos sanctions contre la Russie et notre soutien à l’Ukraine; 27% (+8) que le quotidien et le pouvoir d’achat des Français est plus important que le soutien à l’Ukraine et les sanctions contre la Russie, il faut stopper les sanctions pour rétablir la situation économique et commerciale;

Translation: Faced with pressure on purchasing power, support for sanctions against Russia and support for Ukraine is weakening in public opinion. Regarding support for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia: 40% of French people (-6 since March 24) believe that support for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia are the priority, even if this has an increasingly significant impact on their daily lives and the power of purchase of the French: 32% (-2) that we must continue to support Ukraine and sanction Russia, but if this has too great an impact on their daily lives and the purchasing power of the French, we will have to reduce our sanctions against Russia and our support for Ukraine.  27% (+8) that the daily life and purchasing power of the French is more important than support for Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia, the sanctions must be stopped to restore the economic and commercial situation  

In simpler words: sanctions do not work but 72% of French still support them. See definition of schizophrenia and thought disorder above. What can I say, the times when rational thought was being birthed in the confines of once great Sorbonne more than 700 years ago are long gone, and the ability to think straight is not a European value anymore. Schizophrenia descended upon Europe, yet, it MUST be understood that this poll also reveals something which I write about for more than a decade--a deep seated Russophobia of a general European population. Some, sometimes significant, exceptions merely confirm the rule.

But then again, rationality left what used to be Western Civilization some time ago, and events in Kharkov Oblast today demonstrate it perfectly with militarily useless PR-driven "offensive" which, as Russia's Permanent Representative to UN Nebenzya stated (in Russian), resulted in fields near Nikolaev, Kharkov and Zaporozhie, "seeded" with thousands of corpses of VSU servicemen, who are not allowed to retreat by "zagrad" detachments. This is the level of military "expertise" in Pentagon and London. Especially since they know they cannot fight such a war. Ah yes, there is other reason for this madness:

Most Americans, Even A Majority Of Democrats, Don’t Want Biden To Run in 2024: Poll

Believe me, it is a huge factor in militarily suicidal decision by Pentagon on this "offensive" in which many thousands of Ukrainians will be killed, and tens of thousands will be wounded. Hey, whatever it takes to save American "democracy", right?

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