Monday, September 12, 2022

My Another Video.

Guys, because I found myself (remember, I am just a man) in a position of... admin fighting this ideological IPSO herpes trying to contaminate discussions everywhere I post anything, I decided, for a time being, posting my videos primarily. Cleaning shit from discussion boards is time consuming, so, thanks to my wonderful Patrons, I can put this new video of mine here. I'll start with that, which perfectly describes current moment)))

Can you believe it? Hollywood was hilarious in its comedies which since became classic. Boy, how far the mighty has fallen... Now my video. 
P.S. I will remove any 9/11 "comments". Those who want to discuss Mossad, Jews and other versions of 9/11--find yourself an appropriate resource. 
UPDATE: Andrey Raevsky informed me that The Saker blog is under attack (no surprise, really). So, keep this in mind. 

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