Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Pyotr Akopov Raises (Correctly) The Issue.

Pyotr Akopov of Ria published today a good piece (in Russian) titled: How Fukuyama Has Become Putin's Useful Idiot. Use Google translate to read this essay. But while describing Fukuyama's pseudo-academic "activity", characteristic of most of political "science" academe in the West, Akopov raises this issue, thus reinforcing my long time position. Fukuyama and Western intellectual class' idiocy is the two edged sword:

И это одновременно очень плохой и очень хороший признак. Плохой, потому что показывает степень слабой адекватности управленческого и интеллектуального центра принятия решений атлантического мира. Силы — и огромные — еще есть, но ума уже явно не хватает. В ситуации повышенной конфликтности и тревожности это сочетание не понижает, а повышает риски перерастания конфронтационного сценария в конфликтный. Хороший же признак состоит в том, что плохое понимание России, наших реалий и наших целей, как и ставка на наше поражение, работает в целом на нас. Поэтому настоящие "полезные идиоты Путина" (как на Западе любят называть сторонников честного диалога с Россией) это, конечно, никакие не Шредер с Берлускони, а Сорос и Фукуямой.
Translation:  And this is both a very bad and a very good sign. Bad, because it shows the degree of weak adequacy of the managerial and intellectual decision-making center of the Atlantic world. Forces - and huge ones - are still there, but the mind is clearly not adequate. In a situation of increased probability of a conflict and anxiety, this combination does not reduce, but increases the risks of the confrontation scenario developing into a conflict one. A good sign is that a poor understanding of Russia, our realities and our goals, as well as a bet on our defeat, is generally working for us. Therefore, the real "useful idiots of Putin" (as the West likes to call supporters of an honest dialogue with Russia) are, of course, not Schroeder and Berlusconi, but Soros and Fukuyama.
Those who follow my writing should know that often I stress the fact that understanding of Russia is crucial for avoiding a war, but only if one deals with rational people in the combined West who can properly assess the costs of such a confrontation, which will be catastrophic and deadly for the combined West. But then again, once you see, as is precisely the case, a collective Fukuyama (a euphemism for ignorant and under-educated demagogues) being in charge of the West, the issue becomes almost unsolvable, because you cannot explain to an idiot that he is an idiot because he is an idiot--this is almost a complete characteristic of the combined West's political class and academe. Some exceptions, which, certainly, do exist, merely confirm the rule. 
Akopov properly notes: 
Удивительные дискуссии идут на Западе — там спорят с призывом Макрона не унижать Россию. Дело тут не в том, что нелепа сама постановка вопроса — нынешний Запад в принципе не может унизить нашу страну. Потому что унизить можно только того, кто от вас зависит (и с кем у вас если не общие ценности, то хотя бы одна система координат), но ничего подобного про отношения в паре Запад и Россия сказать нельзя. Нет, отповедь Макрону — а последней возразила ему Хиллари Клинтон, заявившая, что это уже "пройденный этап", — показательна тем, что возражающие ему люди живут в какой-то параллельной вселенной. 

Translation: Amazing discussions are going on in the West - they are arguing with Macron's call not to humiliate Russia. The point here is not that the very formulation of the question is ridiculous - the current West, in principle, cannot humiliate our country. Because you can only humiliate someone who depends on you (and with whom you have, if not common values, then at least one system of coordinates), but nothing of the kind can be said about relations between the West and Russia. No, the rebuff to Macron - and Hillary Clinton was the last to object to him, saying that this was already a "passed stage" - is indicative of the fact that the people who object to him live in some kind of parallel universe.

Evidently even these obvious facts of human and states' behavior are beyond the grasp of the modern West's ruling class and academe which "consults" it and that brings us to not only warranted, but irresistible conclusion that far from providing useful idiots, modern West is producing only pure distilled idiots of all varieties who know not what they are doing. Like such: 

Not only those are idiots, incapable to calculate consequences, but they are also unprincipled ones (surprise, surprise) because now they have to forego their own sanctions, they so enthusiastically imposed just a few months ago. And that brings us to this Russian dilemma of the last 20+ years--how do you even deal with these people? Well, you don't and that is why Russia won the arms race--another fragment of reality which begins to slowly dawn upon this collective Fukuyama in the West. After all, how else can one explain a desire to limit Russia's procurement of RS-28 Sarmat and Poseidon, among many other things which leave the United States proper and its military forces completely exposed and indefensible. Hey, maybe they are not complete idiots there yet? Maybe there is some basic instinct of survival which still fires those few remaining neurons in otherwise completely atrophied brains? Who knows.

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