Sunday, June 12, 2022

What Worries Me, Really...

No, it is not even the fact that Rep. Adam Kinzinger is a corrupt neocon and his main degree is in political "science", and that despite him earning his "wings" and flying safe tanker and, later, recon missions over Afghanistan (known for its world-class air force and air-defense, s/) as a member of Air National Guard, the guy has zero understanding of real war and operations. So, he pushes now a legislation on AUMF (Authorization for Use of Military Force) should Russia use WMD in Ukraine. This boy Kizinger should ask first if he wants to take part in such a war, and then kiss his family and property goodbye, because it will be the US (always nuclear-biased) which will initiate nuclear exchange once it will meet realities of such a war. But then again, modern US establishment, including very large portions of military-intel community do not have a clue what war with Russia, even conventional one, means. It is expected from the US political elites.

This is what Douglas MacGregor and some alternative media person discuss here. MacGregor, as always, being to the point, professional and realist. 

But it was not Kinzinger, who should be checked (together with his donors) into mental institution, and his sick initiative, it was the fact that the host asks MaGgregor at 8:00 minute mark. He asked if it is true that Russia has weapons which can obliterate something like France. I almost choked. The reason I had this reaction is because even well-wishing, good people in America, like this host, reside in a complete obliviousness to the fact that even at the height (or bottom depending on the point of view) of her national catastrophe in 1990s, Russia still could wipe not just France, but the whole United States and NATO in the "first" second strike. And I mean literally--wipe off the map. 

A salvo of a single pr. 941 Akula (NATO Typhoon) SSBN without leaving even its base would unleash around 200 MIRVs at the US Eastern Sea Board and would wipe out all major (from Philadelphia, New York, Boston to Charlotte, Jacksonville, Miami--the list is too long to read) cities and military bases wrecking a chaos and losses of unimaginable scale in the first 30 minutes of the US attack of Russia. And that was just one of many Russian subs, not to mention other means of delivery, which would literally eliminate the US and NATO countries as nations and functional states. That was at the height of Russia's destitution of 1990s. It was then a common knowledge that Russian nuclear arsenal was functional. Why this knowledge evaporated is the main point--it is the matter of incessant US media propaganda and BS by its policy-makers who really took a beating of the third rate Arab military of Saddam in 1991 for a real war.

Today is 2022, Russia not only fully retained but perfected her strategic arsenal which makes US nuclear forces look like a backwater. Moreover, unlike it was the case in 1990s, the United States cannot fight Russia in her immediate geographic vicinity conventionally and hope not to sustain a defeat. As I am on record for many years, the US simply has no experience in modern times with the scale of losses and warfare it would experience if it decides to fight Russia. Russia is also fully capable to wreck havoc in the US proper without resorting to nuclear. These are the facts that neither Kinzinger nor the most of the US Congress know, not to speak of having a good grasp of it. None of them ever fought in defense of their motherland and have no clue about real consequences of a continental war with modern "peer". MacGregor does, but that is why he is not in the US Armed Forces anymore. 

But it was this question of the host which struck me: both the United States and Russia have and had for the last 50 years enough firepower to turn the whole planet into a cinder rock--it was and remains the common knowledge. Another matter, a purely technological one, that the balance is shifting radically in Russia's favor both in nuclear and conventional technology and that creates challenges for the US it is incapable to meet precisely because the US Congress has zero understanding of modern military power and formation of the geopolitical balance. And, of course, as always they have no clue about Russia and what she is today. But that is a given in modern US politics.

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