Friday, June 17, 2022

RT Staff Is Ignorant...

Mr. Lukyanov is not an "expert" in anything as is not Simonyan--the big honcho of RT-- or most people "populating" the so called Russia's "expert community" (most of them humanities dumbed-down Ph.Ds) in "foreign relations". His only claim to anything is his navigation of the Moscow's political Beau Monde. 

The Russian military offensive in Ukraine is likely to last for a long time and will bring about the “decoupling” of the Russian and Western economies, Fyodor Lukyanov, a prominent expert on international relations and editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Affairs said on Thursday. Speaking to RT, Lukyanov spoke about short-term prospects for the conflict, noting that at the beginning of the Russian “special military operation” in Ukraine both Moscow and the West probably had some “illusions” that the conflict could be resolved diplomatically. “Now we have this particular situation where military force only decides,” he said. Both Russia and Ukraine, he stressed, are now led by “a military logic” which suggests that any cessation of military action would give the other side a chance to regroup and prepare for further actions.

Mr. Lukyanov cannot have any competent opinion on SMO in principle because he is absolutely ignorant on anything related to military operations (or any operations, for that matter) because his horizon is a horizon of "journalist" and a recruiter for his publication based on credentialism of others like him and a rumor mill of Moscow political, yes, again, Beau Monde, period. Why this ignoramus, as well as others like him, unless, of course they are some sort of psyops by SVR which wants to parade Russians as heralds of geopolitical triviality, still find a tribune at RT beats me. Read my lips--happy times of "humanities" educated fanboys from Moscow (or D.C.) "humanities" madras are over--they have zero skills related to modern statesmanship and the main reason for that is because they have zero (in fact, negative, as is case with Lukyanov) understanding of power which is a main driver of modern geopolitics. It matters especially in the case of Lukyanov whose understanding of a  combined West is as reliable as my understanding of Chinese choreography.

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