Thursday, June 2, 2022

A Very Interesting Voice From Africa...

 ... at Saker's blog. Fẹmi Akọmọlafẹ from Ghana wrote an interesting piece on Western education and it is very much in concert with what I write for years. Some excerpts: 

Akomolafe also notes astutely:

In addition to always being on top of their game, Russian officials always come across as well-educated, well-informed, well-mannered, sophisticated, cultured, and respectful. Western officials, on the other hand, attack the world as haughty, naughty, ill-mannered, ill-educated, uncultured, provincial, and narcissistic imbeciles. They lack the elementary decorum necessary to engage peers in respectful manners. Ok, superciliousness, fueled by racist arrogance, might partly explain why they behave so, but we cannot discount the possibilities that they simply lack the education, the culture, and the home training required for civilized behavior, especially in encounters with other cultures. The question needs to be asked how the Collective West ended up with the current gaggle of clowns holding positions of responsibility?

Exactly. I love the term "provincial", because provincialism is oozing from the most US political establishment figures and diplomats who often do not even know countries they serve in. In general, read the whole piece which is well-written and insightful. It also gives some insight into a thinking of at least some African intellectuals and their attitudes. It is important, especially when considering the increasing role Africa plays in the world both as an economic entity and the arena for competition of many external interests. So, read the piece, it is worth it.

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