Monday, June 20, 2022

More Clarification On "Realism", Plus Larry Is Being Sarcastic.

In continuation of this whole discussion on American "realism", my suggestion for many to go here, the preview of my second book on Amazon, and read attentively in the available part of the first chapter WHY so much discussion about Mearsheimer and American "realists". I make on those pages a case about "liberal" view of history and geopolitics as not valid. 

In related news, Larry went full sarcastic and acerbic yesterday, reacting to the stream of statements by officials of mighty British Empire on how they are going to defeat Russia. 

Dear President Putin:

I write with the greatest of respect and sorrow to inform you that your gamble in Ukraine has failed and you have lost a strategic battle. How do I know? Well, UK Admiral Tony Radakin, the head of the UK’s Armed Services says so. Here is what he said:

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin said Russia was suffering heavy losses, running out of troops and advanced missiles and would never be able to take over all of Ukraine. “This is a dreadful mistake by Russia. Russia will never take control of Ukraine,” Tony Radakin told PA Media in an interview published on Friday. The country’s highest-ranking military officer said the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, had lost 25% of Russia’s land power for only “tiny” gains and it would emerge a “more diminished power” while strengthening Nato. . . .“The Russian machine is grinding away, and it’s gaining a couple of – two, three, five – kilometres every day,” the admiral said. “And Russia has vulnerabilities because it’s running out of people, it’s running out of hi-tech missiles. “President Putin has used about 25% of his army’s power to gain a tiny amount of territory and 50,000 people either dead or injured. Russia is failing.”

If Admiral Tony says it is true you can take it to the bank. I mean, who can deny the British victory at Dunkirk and their smashing successes in quelling the natives in India, Iraq and Afghanistan. Not to be presumptive Mr. Putin, but when Russia comes to grip with the mighty military prowess of the United Kingdom, I can understand why you will quiver in your snow boots.

Read the whole thing at Larry's blog, it is excellent. But that does bring forth the question of mental adequacy of British military top brass, since, obviously, they are not only going through the stages of Kubler-Ross, but, evidently, do not know basic operational facts and truisms about losses. In other words, they fully confirm my assertion that they are good only for fighting in PR area and, but then again, it is MI6's field, killing innocent people and cats for the sake of provocations.

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