Newly promised Western weapons systems are arriving, but too slowly and in insufficient quantities to prevent incremental but inexorable Russian gains in the eastern Donbas region of Ukraine, which is now the focus of the fight.The Ukrainians are still fighting back, but they are running out of ammunition and suffering casualties at a far higher rate than in the initial stages of the war. Around 200 Ukrainian soldiers are now being killed every day, up from 100 late last month, an aide to President Volodymyr Zelensky told the BBC on Friday — meaning that as many as 1,000 Ukrainians are being taken out of the fight every day, including those who are injured.The Russians are still making mistakes and are also losing men and equipment, albeit at a lesser rate than in the first months of the conflict. In one sign that they are suffering equipment shortages, they have been seen on videos posted on social media hauling hundreds of mothballed, Soviet-era T-62 tanks out of storage to be sent to Ukraine.

Three media whores, there are no other types in Western establishment media, who wrote this drivel spinning a debunked therapeutic myth about Russian T-62s, cannot deny anymore strategic and operational realities, even despite continuing to sing from 404's propaganda script cooked in large part in London. The butt-hurt is palpable, not to mention the fact of constant mutually exclusive points they make in this piece. But what do you expect from WaPo or any globalist rag in the West? Many of you already noted that lapdogs in London, whose Armed Forces and indigenous military technology are a joke, started to spin another BS, about Kh-22 (X-22) missile. 

Somebody, please, explain to ignorant UK Defense Ministry BSers who command a toy army of a toy country, that Kh-22 (and I know way more than they about this thing) was and remains a high precision weapon which active radar seeker gives a hint about. That automatically translates to the ability (for latest versions) of Kh-22 to strike radio-contrast land targets--the feature all Soviet/Russian anti-shipping missiles are known for from venerable and removed from service P-6/35 to a much more advanced P-700 Granit which WAS used and is being used in training striking land-based targets. 

But then again, what do you expect from London where the prime minister is, obviously, not a very bright fellow and foreign secretary is a certified idiot. I would assume that very little of competence remains in UK Defense Ministry and, as is confirmed empirically, the only war they can fight is propaganda and PR. That, plus killing innocents, but that is more along the lines of Mi-6. But, as I stated, the butt-hurt is palpable and it is time for the UK to resign itself to the fact that, as I spoke many times before, that it is a pip-squeak of a country with backward economy and the time to put to rest great power ambitions and being the plug in every asshole is nigh. UK's place is that of a nation with limited resources, limited geopolitical influence and puny military capability, that is of what soon will be defined as "second world" countries. Yes, English Premier League is still good. I'll give them that.