Saturday, June 4, 2022

Some Headlines From My Friends.

Larry had it with US Media BS about 404 and he sounded off on Germany's Economy Minister Herr Robert Habeck:

If you think the West has learned its lesson and opted to focus on truth, think again. Germany’s Economy Minister, Robert Habeck, was peddling these whoppers to his own government this week:

The obvious question for any reporter with the brain power of a cretin would be, “what is the evidence that Russia’s economy is collapsing?” The truth is that all sectors are firing on all cylinders. Just because Germany has decided to commit economic hari kari by declining to purchase cheap Russian oil, does not mean that Russia is bleeding out financially. The Economist reported two weeks ago that Russia is running a record trade surplus.

It is worth noting, that Herr Habeck, same as Fyodor Lukyanov, has degree in philology and philosophy. He is literally Doctor of Philosophy in... Philosophy. In other words, he wouldn't be able to run 7-11 Store without bankrupting it in  a week, let alone German economy which he helps to obliterate very efficiently. Needless to say, the guy is also a dedicated Grune. Hey, don't look at me, Germans elect these freaks. 

In related news, Mark Chapman came up with one of the best article titles in a long while, especially against the background of my own complete inability to come up with meaningful title and I speak about this often. Most of the titles of my books and chapters are created by my wonderful editor. So, here is the title:

How Many Frequent-Flyer Miles Would it Cost to Send Ursula von der Leyen Non-Stop to Hell?

Let's face it, Western politics is run by amateurs. So is economy, as for military--boy, are we going to be describing this clusterfuck for many years to come. It is something very special. The Commander of California's National Guard General Baldwin is so upset, is so hurt emotionally, that he proposed sending MiG-29s to Ukraine, because, obviously, his formation which was responsible for "training" the VSU failed miserably preparing their subjects for real war, because neither Baldwin nor his "trainees" know much about real war. There you go, see the result for yourself. That is why Baldwin has all those fantastical ideas and even thinks that sending US combat aircraft to 404 will change much. Not really. As Vladimir Putin himself went on record today (in Russian)--the armaments which West supplies to 404 are "peanuts" for Russian air defense systems. I am telling you: wait for a White Paper on Russian AD in 404--it will be a wowser. Some people in Pentagon (not General Baldwin, of course) already know that. This is you primer for Saturday.  

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