Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Color Me Surprised, Not.

The Guardian, as most of the Western MSM is a human and professional sewer. One cannot get the job in NYT, The Guardian or Times without being a prostitute, including literal meaning of this word, and an ignorant narcissist--a primary "education" one gets in Liberal Arts schools around the West nowadays. But when even such lowlife as Simon Jenkins begins to wonder:

I have asked for, but failed in all attempts to find, evidence that the UK government – or, I assume, any western government – did any forecast of the consequences of sanctions before imposing them. Elementary economics should have predicted that Russia’s huge dollar reserves, reputedly about $650bn, would protect its economy from severe damage. Predictable too was the impact of retaliatory sanctions on European energy and food prices. Was this never discussed? It would have been far better to concentrate all resources on aiding Ukraine on the battlefield. The modern economic sanction is a weapon not unlike America’s A-bomb in the film Oppenheimer: its rhetoric, its potency and its capacity to cause harm so exhilarates its creators that there is little thought given to its practical consequences or moral implications. It becomes an article of faith as much as a weapon of war – and as such unchallengeable.

One has to wonder if this classic product (or, rather, excrement) of UK's humanities degree mill has even rudimentary tool kit to "forecast" anything other than his next bowel movement. Yet, he arrives to a correct conclusion that nobody in the combined West did any forecasting, and the main reason for this is simple: they CANNOT do forecasting. Strategic analysis and forecasting in the West is absent as such--it cannot exist in the environment of ignorant and highly uncultured Western "intellectual elite" and its institutions because the West doesn't produce a serious intellect anymore, the one which has professional an human integrity to deal in facts not delusions. 

Jenkins, being Oxford's product in "philosophy and economics", of course, cannot grasp realities of real economy and warfare of Russia, not to speak of knowing Russian history and culture, yet he still comes up with wrong conclusion of resilience of Russian economy, attributing it to those proverbial $650 billion, half of which was stolen by the West anyway. It is difficult to explain to such a guy, who sat on several boards of all kinds of UK's orgs who participated in turning UK into shithole with the second world economy that Russia's resilience comes from a much larger number of sources than merely currency reserves. I guess he never heard of real economy, a gigantic resource extraction and processing sector, not to mention Russia's colossal military-industrial complex which since Soviet times had an extremely developed dual-technology and consumer market capacity. I am not talking about Johnny-come-lately "discovery" by UK's very own RUSI that, boy, warfare is actually about industries, and I don't mean industries like porn movies, growing pot and prostitution. 

The verdict is in--Western "elites" failed in every aspect of their activity and it WAS expected and was forecasted, by yours truly included, because of the systemic collapse of West's intellect and rational thinking which was a result of a complete corruption and degeneration of West's educational (and political) system which stopped producing people of true vision and intellect--only uncultured and intellectually feeble punditry, such as the author of this "revelation" in The Guardian where no person with honor and integrity would lower itself to write for.

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