Wednesday, August 2, 2023

A Controversy...

... but conveniently put into the documentary. DISCLAIMER: China Observer where this video originates from is HIGHLY likely some anti-Chinese propaganda outlet and I am keenly aware of that. But it doesn't mean that in this case they don't have a point. After all, recall what I wrote for years. Such as this piece and one can hardly accuse me of being "anti-Chinese", but I am on record and I continue to defend this point--COMAC 919 IS NOT a competitor to Airbus, Boeing or MC-21. And the point which very many make, even if it is from, like in this case, CNN is valid. 

This is a cold hard fact which cannot be misinterpreted. Here is another similar example: till roughly 2019 Russian Navy's frigate program was completely dependent on Ukrainian Zorya Mashproekt propulsion. Russia paid dearly for this dependency and it took a massive effort to launch the production of gas-turbines in Russia. Same goes for Russia playing nicely with Germany's MTU. Russia overcame those problems, but then again--there was a scientific and industrial foundation for that. Same goes with commercial aviation, because the expertise was always there. 

And here is the issue, which Russians point out to constantly, unlike fully Russian MC-21, C919 IS NOT a Chinese plane. 

It is a Western plane whether we like it or not. And that is a huge deal, because Chinaisation of this plane, if it ever commences, will be a torturous and prolonged process. If... So, each time I read or hear that C919 is a "competitor" to Boeing or Airbus, I cringe. Commercial aviation is an extremely complex industry which incorporates know-how only very few countries have and China is not there yet, and that is also a cold hard fact. Will China's commercial aerospace be sanctioned, thus disrupting C919? Certainly, possible. Chinese know that, and this is their vulnerability--a serious strategic one. I thought you might be interested. Especially against the background of China leaving CR-929 project because Russia is not going to share with her technologies for free and, as a result, Chinese COMAC Wide-Body (this is how it is called now) will be a larger version of... and you guessed it... COMAC 919--a Western made aircraft assembled in China.

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