The rapid Ukrainian breakthrough and advance that many hoped for has not occurred. Media coverage has grown gloomier in recent weeks on the back of fragmentary journalistic accounts from the front and reported intelligence assessments from Western analysts. The news has not been great. The fight against Russia has proved to be bloody and slow — a very hard slog. But observers would be wise to temper their pessimism. War does not proceed in a linear fashion. Defenders can hold for a long time and then suddenly break, allowing an attacker to make rapid gains before the defense solidifies further to the rear. The Ukrainians aim to generate exactly this effect — and there is reason to think they can. Ukraine’s offensive push is far from over. In fact, it is still in the early stages — just 10 weeks into what is likely to last at least four more months.

It is highly advisable for both Kagan and Petraeus to take a basic course in real military history and operations--yes, with calculations of required forces and combat effectiveness--and maybe then they will understand what real war is. But don't hold your breath. Utter military illiteracy of the US top brass has been exposed and it is downright horrifying. The article in WaPo is an exhibit A of two amateurs butt-hurting from professional envy and jealousy when seeing how real wars are prosecuted by professionals and Russia defeating NATO. I think Kagan and Petraeus better concentrate on video game-playing.