Thursday, August 31, 2023

LOL, Again.

 You cannot teach morons. Here is the headline:

Russian hardliners are fuming that the Kremlin wasn't able to stop a string of embarrassing attacks on home soil

OK, I thought to myself, and who those "hardliners" are? I started reading further and lo and behold:

Russia's nationalists are fuming over a slew of attacks on Russian territory which exposed gaps in its defenses and put it on the back foot in its invasion of Ukraine. The hardliners criticized Russia's leaders for what they called their failure to protect the country. They also accused them of covering up the extent of new attacks hitting Russia. The blowback was picked up by the respected Institute for the Study of War think tank, which described it in an update on Wednesday. The ISW wrote that "Russian propagandists and milbloggers criticized Russian forces for their inability to defend Russian territory and military facilities, while simultaneously criticizing recent Russian MoD censorship efforts." It highlighted Telegram posts by popular media figures in Russia. The prominent anonymous blogger Rybar said a recent strike on Russia's Pskov airfield suggests Russia's air defenses haven't adapted to stop drone strikes. It criticized authorities for not protecting the valuable aircraft there with hangars, and compared their defenses unfavorably to those in Russian-occupied Crimea, closer to the fighter.

LOL, Rybar IS NOT "respected" blogger, neither is ISW which is a military joke.  Rybar is Michail Zvinchuk (in Russian) who worked in the press-service of Russian MoD a few years back and who made up most of his military interpreter biography. The boy whose military "education" is linguistics wouldn't know shit from shinola in anything operations related, or military in general, and the fact that he has many subscribers (a bulk of them from 404 and Russian miltech masturbators) means only one thing--real operations and strategy are hard, as are physics and tactics of complex defense systems which Zvinchuk never studied and nobody would give this loser any clearance to be near any serious weapon system. 

SOB, obviously, shadows this blog, but he would never dare to stand to real cadre officers with decades of serious military academic and combat experience because they will tear this ignoramus a new one. I could easily do this, but he will not oblige because he knows he would have floor wiped with him. I would love to see my friend Volodya Trukhan (BTW, Air Defense officer) beating the shit, figuratively speaking, out of this creep, especially with Vladimir using his very rich verbiage of Russian profanities. I have other connections too, as you might expect, but good luck trying to pull this ass-hole under the light and parading him an amateur that he is. There is no surprise, then, that ISW references this shyster. But, desperate times--desperate measures. 

P.S. There is a persistent "rumor", let's call it this way, circulating in Russia that this Zvinchuk is NOT "Russian" hardliner but an asset. Whose? I don't know. Certainly, not Russian, but let professionals in this field deal with that. 

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