Friday, September 1, 2023

Long Gone Are The Times...

 ... when the US Dollar was supported by America's massive industrial might. Today, the only thing "supporting" it are Wall Street and a bunch of code writers who pass for "tech companies". 

Lavrov is absolutely correct--accounting fraud becomes a feature, not a bug of the US economy. But in real world only tangible things matter. The warfare delusion that the Gulf War produced is easily paralleled by money making out of a thin air by Wall Street shysters. Indeed, the US is doing a swell job herself discrediting and annihilating the US Dollar--Lavrov is spot on here. Now consider the removal of the PR myth about US military power and you get a perfect storm of factors coming together in undermining the USD. 

Yep, the times of the American mighty industries which seemed to have no limits in their output are long gone. I touch upon this issue a little bit in my latest video which I will post shortly (in 30 minutes or so). Tucker definitely stirred the pot with his prediction of the hot war between Russia and the US but one has to ask the question if the US has the capacity to build armor (hint: she doesn't) and if many of those military experts read Svechin and know about strategy of exhausting the enemy? Valery Gerasimov is an avid reader of Svechin, wink, wink.

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