Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Practical Geopolitics.

It is not about "feelings", it is about doing what works for great empires. E.g. US and Russia are great empires, the US is in decline, though. South Korea is not--it is US vassal. 

For South Korea it is not just about "military cooperation", especially considering the fact that South Korea doesn't speak in her own voice. It is about Russia giving North Korea, finally, the real, huge I may say, chance on economic development. Especially when considered in terms of massive development programs for Russian Far East. Now, about Karabakh--I will put up my latest video where substantial part of it is dedicated to the issue.  

Meanwhile, enjoy NK's docs about Kim's visit.

It is in Korean, but you gotta love the pathos of the narrator, LOL)) Well, guess what--opening of NK to the emerging huge Russian Far Eastern and Asian markets will inevitably, over time, mitigate the most rigid manifestations of Juche ideology.

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