Saturday, September 9, 2023

Ah, Not Again;))

As I repeat ad nauseam--nobody escapes Kornet. 

Российские военные с одного выстрела из противотанкового ракетного комплекса «Корнет» подбили в Запорожской области второй британский танк Challenger 2, сообщил глава общественного движения «Мы – вместе с Россией» Владимир Рогов.

Translation: The Russian military with one shot from the Kornet anti-tank missile system knocked out the second British Challenger 2 tank in the Zaporozhye region, said the head of the public movement “We are together with Russia” Vladimir Rogov.

That is why Abrams M1 will not see the REAL combat for a long long time, probably not until nothing is left of VSU. The steady humiliation of NATO hardware continues. But before people begin to speculate about NATO "learning" about modern warfare, keep in mind crucial detail: what really matters in all that are REAL war correlates, or, speaking professionally, combat statistical data sets. Such as math. expectations for different types of munitions, probabilities of hits, destruction of targets, of receiving proper targeting, errors in systems, instrumental, human, external et al, in general--all this crucial data which spurs improvement of existing or, altogether,  development of new weapon systems. And here is the catch, NATO doesn't have it. 

Those war correlates are priceless, but even what VSU, traditionally lying, provides NATO IS NOT it and it does not provide this critical insight into the technological dimension of the SMO. Sure, NATO may know Russian Army's movements and see some patterns in, say, operation of radar field of Russian Air Defense, but the true treasure is what I described above. This treasure goes through combat logs of units and formations, gets filtered by tactical staffs and then gets into the planning and analytical structures of the General Staff and, eventually, to design bureaus in a form of technical requirements. NATO has no access to this and that is in the main driver behind NATO's (read US) falling behind Russia technologically. As per Challengers--they will have the fate of museum exhibits in Russia, because VSU cannot evacuate these 75-ton monsters from the battlefield. Uralvagonzavod sends greetings to British tank designers and suggests to them to study real warfare, not BS they study in UK degree mills.

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