Wednesday, September 13, 2023

A-Ha-Ha, LOL))

And what do you expect? Explaining to some creep from Ivy League that he (she) has no understanding of high culture? This is not a bug, it is a feature which only now is being recognized.

What do you expect? Did you see my latest video with quoting Hofstadter... 

… the complexity of modern life has steadily whittled away the functions the ordinary citizen can intelligently and comprehendingly perform for himself. In the original American populistic dream, the omnicompetence of the common man was fundamental and indispensable. It was believed that he could, without much special preparation, pursue the professions and run the government. Today he knows that he cannot even make his breakfast without using devices, more or less mysterious to him, which expertise has put at his disposal; and when he sits down to breakfast and looks at his morning newspaper, he reads about a whole range of vital and intricate issues and acknowledges, if he is candid with himself, that he has not acquired competence to judge most of them.

You literally have people whose "intellectual level" gets them to pedophilia or to writing some shitty pseudo-academic papers and they talk about "grace"? Really? Oh boy, Rachel McAdams and Christopher Walken have been so good portraying degenerates from New England in a positive light. 

How proper to have a war criminal and psychopath late McCain in it. If anyone have any second thought, let me iterate--American "elites" have no class. They never did. No matter how West Point tries to pretend, they haven't been around when Russian Army was crushing Napoleon.

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