Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Very Significant.

Thanks to our very own BAROTIKI for pointing this news out. This is very significant because it is one of those cases when the plans are not shifted "to the right"--a euphemism for a delay--but "to the left", meaning meeting deadlines earlier.

Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has advanced deliveries of MC-21 and SJ-100 aircraft to Aeroflot airlines from 2025 to 2024 having completed the process of replacing western components with domestically-made ones. Sergei Chemezov, CEO of Rostec Corp., the holding of company of UAC has been quoted as saying today on the UAC’s Telegram channel. “More than 10 aircraft - MC-21 and SJ-100 - are already being built for Aeroflot, some aircraft are at a high degree of readiness. The timing of bringing new models of domestic aircraft to the market has shifted ‘to the left’ by a year. If we initially aimed for 2025, now large-scale deliveries should start in 2024.” Financial lease agreements for 18 MC-21-310 aircraft and 34 SJ-100 aircraft were signed between the leasing company Aviacapital-Service of the Rostec State Corporation and Aeroflot. These agreements were inked during the Eastern Economic Forum. Chemezov highlighted the significance of these agreements and the Russian government support that has made the prices of these domestically-produced aircraft considerably lower than comparable Boeing and Airbus models.

And here is the MAIN issue which I point out non-stop. These aircraft are fully Russian-built from engines, to systems, to avionics, to what have you. Unlike it is the case with Chinese COMAC 919 which is in reality not Chinese at all but 90% Europe and US built aircraft. COMAC 919 exports can always be immediately stopped by the US or EU in case China decides to promote this plane on Asian and African markets. This, however, cannot be done to MS-21 and SJ-100. All of these aircraft are well over 90% domestic built (at 10% of import parts the aircraft export can be blocked), and that opens vast Asian and African markets, especially with B737 reaching its modernization limits some time two decades ago. 

In related news, BTW, do you know that more than 20 serial SU-57s have been already produced and that starting from 2025 around 30 of them will be produced annually? So, count yourself how plans on initially planned 72 SU-57s by the year 2030 now look like. More like around 200 give and take. You see, this is what Russia's real economy and Pentagon's ignorance are. And yes, be them MC-21, SJ-100, SU-57 or SU-35 they still cost less than anything produced in the West and that doesn't show well in Wall Street "statistics" and fake GDP numbers, but it sure as hell gives massive competitive advantages, not to speak of a highest quality of a product.

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