Sunday, September 17, 2023

Long Time In The Making.

Finally, Military Acceptance produced ASW video. It is in Russian, but it finally reveals the work of ASW/Patrol aviation, those unglamorous beasts who can decide the outcome of a large war. 

No, the video does not delve into the intricacies of the Search Theory, Operational Sweeps, tactical hydrology and Probabilities--this stuff is a lot of math and physics, and is for cadets of naval academies with appropriate clearance. But it still provides good visuals and some news. In fact, very important news--Beriev 200, a legendary firefighter Be-200 Altair, is coming home to what it was originally designed for--ASW

So, we can only speculate what ASW/Recon suite will be installed on them. Same as what will the substitute for venerable Ka-27, Ka-65 Minoga be. 

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