Tuesday, September 5, 2023

The Economist...

... British trash about SBU thugs. 

Yeah, sure--"clear strategy" in assassinating people. Nalivaichenko, former SBU chief and CIA asset, speaks about it with pride. Surprise, surprise, not. UK political class, a collection of pedophiles, satanists and other perverts, lives out its genocidal anti-Russian dreams vicariously through the piles of corpses of VSU and ejaculating from assassinating many civilians. In the absence of honor and military-industrial capability it is "quiet desperation is the English way"(c).

Now another collection of clowns from London who pass there for military "experts" parades itself, yet again, as an Exhibit A of NATO's operational-strategic impotence. 

I have news for RUSI and Sandhurst Faculty--everything you know about modern war is a collection of fairy tales. The saddest, for you, part--none of you have tools to get it right. Quoting my good friend, a senior staff officer:"We don't even sweat about European part of NATO." 

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