Monday, September 11, 2023

Sure, Sure.

In related news, the sky will fall on Earth. 

Germany is not daunted by the prospect of a protracted conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and will back Kiev for the next decade, Brigadier General Christian Freuding has said. He added that Germany is seeking to ensure that Ukraine retakes all the territory within its 1991 borders. Appearing at the Yalta European Strategy (YES) forum on Sunday, Freuding was asked whether Germany was prepared to support Ukraine if the hostilities with Russia ended up becoming a “long war” spanning several more years. The German military official replied by saying it was unrealistic to expect the conflict to end in the near future. Freuding went on to claim that “we’ve got the support of our parliament… for our military support for our Ukrainian friends up to the year 2032.” “We are ready and we are prepared to give long-term support… and we are ready to make time… our ally, and not time become [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s ally,” he added.

Somebody needs to check the head of this idiot as well as heads of imbeciles who named the Ukie organized gathering Yalta European Strategy forgetting that it was at Yalta in 1945 where the decision on partition of Germany was reached, as well as more actions coordinated to finish off Nazism. The irony got lost on these creeps. But then again, what do you expect from them. 

This fits really well with Medvedev's reaction to EU trying to forbid Russians to travel to Europe. 

EU rules banning Russian nationals from bringing personal cars and smartphones into the bloc are downright insulting and degrading, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has insisted. He urged Moscow to suspend diplomatic relations with the bloc. In a statement on Telegram on Monday, Medvedev, who is Deputy Chair of the Russian Security Council, mockingly praised what he described as “straightforward and honest Brussels bosses.” “Directly and without beating around the bush, they told all Russians: ‘We see you as second-rate people.’” He went on to suggest that the sweeping restrictions were not a punishment for the government in Moscow, but rather “a real spit in the face of every single Russian citizen.” 

As for possible retaliation, Medvedev ruled out a symmetrical response to EU citizens. “Unlike many national leaders whose relatives worked in the [Nazi] SS, we are not racists,” he said, adding that foreigners who visit Russia tend to love the country. “It would be better to just temporarily suspend diplomatic relations with the EU. And bring diplomatic personnel back to our country,” the ex-president suggested, arguing that such a move would make European leaders “fill their pants” because “embassies are evacuated before very specific events,” and they would not know what to expect from Russia.

I am on record, suspension of diplomatic relations with EU should be not temporary but permanent because there is nothing to talk about with Europeans. As Irina Alksnis succinctly pointed out today:

Более сложным является вопрос: а почему собственно Европа не хочет видеть у себя россиян. Популярной является версия, что ЕС опасается пятой колонны в лице граждан с паспортами РФ, плюс в решении Еврокомиссии видят подготовку европейцев к прямому горячему конфликту с Москвой. Однако вряд ли наши туристы воспринимаются Брюсселем как реальная угроза в случае полномасштабной войны с Россией. К тому же у европейцев обширный опыт обращения с нонкомбатантами из вражеских стран, так что в случае чего концлагеря будут созданы молниеносно. И это также стоит иметь в виду согражданам, которых упорно тянет в Европу.  

Translation: A more difficult question is: why Europe itself does not want to see Russians. A popular version is that the EU fears a fifth column in the form of citizens with Russian passports, plus the decision of the European Commission is seen as preparing Europeans for a direct heated conflict with Moscow. However, it is unlikely that our tourists will be perceived by Brussels as a real threat in the event of a full-scale war with Russia. In addition, the Europeans have extensive experience in dealing with non-combatants from enemy countries, so if something happens, concentration camps will be created with lightning speed. And this is also worth keeping in mind for fellow citizens who are stubbornly drawn to Europe.

Read the whole piece (using translator), it makes some great points and explains why well-off Russian middle-class in Europe is a serious irritant for politicians and average brainwashed European. I am on record--European traveling to Russia, especially for the first time, could experience a deadly cognitive dissonance and cultural shock when encountering Russia's economic and cultural realities. Let's put it this way--European capitals look like shit-holes compared to most large Russian cities, let alone places like Moscow, St.Petersburg, Sochi and many others.

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