Monday, September 18, 2023

Where Geopolitics Originates.

No, no, it is not just geography as implied in the term Geopolitics. I know some older farts like me on this blog will tear up watching this. I love Periscope Film Channel--real treasure. 

Yes, that used to be the United States which was saner, happier and which, actually, could make tools and dies, unlike it is the case since 2018:

The U.S. once led the world in the innovation and capacity of its high-end machine tools sector, but U.S. standing has dropped significantly since 2000. Key changes in machine tool consumption affected global patterns of production. Until the mid-2000s, China accounted for no more than 15% of global machine tool consumption. By 2011, China's machine tool consumption accounted for 40% of the global total.45 As its need for machine tools increased, China leveraged its low cost of capital and labor to build domestic machine tool factories and required foreign companies to execute joint ventures to access the Chinese market. The combined effects of the 2008 recession and a general trend of industry consolidation further reduced the number of machine tool manufacturers. In 2015, China's global machine tool production skyrocketed to $24.7B,46 accounting for 28% of global production,47 while the U.S. accounted for only $4.6B, after China, Japan, Germany, Italy, and South Korea.

And even here, the idiots count everything in USD as opposed to nomenclature and quantity of items manufactured. Reason, one of? When quantified the US will fall back even further considering astronomical costs of producing anything real hi-tech in the US. Make your own conclusions.

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