Thursday, September 14, 2023

Well, That's BBC For Ya...

British Bullshit Corporation, you know. But it applies generally to the majority of modern media class everywhere. 

No surprise here, Western media establishment produces primarily professional BSers with zero real life applicable skills, while purging real journalists who do report facts. Very much same applies to many sectors of academia, especially so in the humanities field, but not exclusively. 

What many do not recognize, is the fact that constant BSing inevitably leads to the atrophy of remaining actual skills in any field. One of my patrons today shared with me an outstanding piece by former Airbus Chief Scientist on why the West most likely will not get any hypersonic weapons any time soon--he blames education, or, rather, lack thereof in the modern West (In French). 

Enjoy, this piece hits all proper nails on their heads. One cannot BS non-stop in anything, eventually BS catches up and voila'...

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