Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Ramzan Is Fine.

He was in Moscow today and his visit was to his uncle who undergoes, obviously serious, treatment for some illness. Izvestia published the story today (in Russian) and showed video with Ramzan Kadyrov and his uncle (very touching in the end when Ramzan kisses his hand). Ramzan looks healthy and in good spirit. In related news.

Rumors which seem to be not rumors at all have begun to circulate in Russian media sphere. It is about X-BD (or Kh-BD) cruise missile and its combat radius is stated as UP to 8,500 kilometers. As you may recall, Russian MoD merely stated that its range is "above 6,500 kilometers"). It is this very missile, including its earlier X-101 version which is being carried now by SU-34 fighter-bombers. Now, take the news from July (in Russian) that Russia ramped up production of SU-34s (and SU-35s) two times and make your own conclusions.  Keep in mind that SU-34 went into full serial production in 2008 and since then, in 15 years, Russia produced 155 of them. That means--using basic math--Russia was producing 155/15= roughly 10 a year. Just this January three new SU-34 have been transferred to Russia's VKS, more followed later. Even if Russia produces 20 of them a year, that means that by 2030 Russian VKS will have 300, give and take, of these aircraft and they will be able to carry X-BD. 

This is a strategic nightmare for the US and NATO, considering accelerating rate of production and (or) modernization of TU-160(M), TU-22M3M and even good ol' Bears. ALL of them capable of carrying strategic cruise missile, in addition to a variety of hypersonic weapons ranging from Kinzhal to air-launched 3M22 Zircon and other new systems which are coming. Most importantly, with this missiles, any carrier will not need to even exit Russia's air space and will be able to launch at any target in Northern Hemisphere. Well, Ramzan is doing great, let's wish his uncle full recovery. 

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