Saturday, September 2, 2023

Berliner Zeitung Makes A... Discovery.

I already mentioned this in my latest video but here is the discovery verbatim.

Germany’s new dependency on Russia: “Putin’s war chest is filled” The latest statistics are surprising: In the middle of the Ukraine war, Russia exports 334 percent more cheaper fertilizers to Germany.

Ah, the no shit moment, again. I am pretty sure that an average German business wants to survive, in order to do that it needs, yes, affordable energy and fertilizers, because people need to eat. German fertilizer production collapsed and that automatically opens the door to Russian one. Now this LNG business. Let's repeat again: 

As Kremlin was predicting for years--the US energy is NOT competitive in Europe and the only way it can "compete" is by shoving it down the throats of energy-suffocating Europeans.  Here is video (in Russian) which doesn't really need translation, which also demonstrates why Russia is becoming top 4-5 shipbuilding country because one such floating LNG plant is about 600,000 tons of displacement and Russia builds many of them. 

Novatek has some plans for that. And here is purely pragmatic issue--Russia will sell to Europe (with the exception of Hungary) enough to prevent hungry riots there in order to settle post-SMO Europe, but all those trust-based relations are over. Most of it goes to BRICS countries and the fact that both Putin and Xi declined visiting G-20 summit in a week speaks volumes. Remarkably, one of the sleeper cell Moscow assholes betrayed himself by publishing a delirium hysterical article in NG and was thrown out of the chair of a director of Moscow's Institute of the USA and Canada. Very symptomatic (in Russian).

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