Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Scott's Excellent Talk...

 ... at Judge's. 

Plus, for those who continue to doubt numbers. Here is today's RT headline:

I reiterate, we still do NOT know the number of KIAs in the rear of 404. This number is huge due to relentless Russia's salvos of stand-off weapons at locations, assembly areas of VSU and 404's military-industrial infrastructure. We are easily looking at least at half-a-million KIAs for VSU... so far. More is coming. Shoigu's estimate of SMO continuing through 2025 is a good estimate, once one considers that 404 is NOT even the main target, NATO is. Or, broadly speaking, as follows from Patrushev's program article--Pax Americana, a euphemism for "rules-based order". It is unsustainable, especially when sheer incompetence of Western "elites" and military-industrial weakness have been exposed dramatically.

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