Monday, September 25, 2023

Judge And Larry.

Have a great discussion. 

Especially in regards to Polish-404 issue. But now comes this question: did Russia plan for it? Plan for what, you may ask. Well, for accelerated implosion of the West. I now can convincingly say--yes. It is generally a normal practice for competent governments to do a contingency planning, same goes for any competent General Staff and today we see the outcome. 

Gaius Baltar wrote an excellent piece on what is wrong with the Western political class. 

A breakdown of diplomacy doesn’t quite describe how bad things have become. The behavior of US and European leaders has become increasingly unhinged and any semblance of rationality has been abandoned. It is impossible to listen to western leaders without coming to the conclusion that something is very wrong. Firstly, they seem to have created an upside-down fantasy world where Freudian projection rules and opponents are demonized. Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are both Satan himself, Russia is still losing, and the West is still almighty – as well as the pinnacle of justice, freedom, democracy and culture. Secondly, they can’t seem to be able to open their mouths in public without insulting the non-western world. Joe Biden, Annalena Baerbock, Ursula von der Leyen, Josep Borrell and Emmanuel Macron have barely been seen in public for months without insulting someone. Borrel’s comment about Europe being the garden and the rest of the world a jungle is the pinnacle of this – because we all know what jungles are associated with.

The pressure is getting to the western political elites and they can’t keep a lid on their emotions and real opinions. They can no longer hide their hatred for anyone who resists them, or their contempt for them. Their doublethink, double standards, and extreme sense of entitlement, which justifies any action from them while condemning it from their opponents, is out in the open for all to see. All this, as well as their complete absence of competence and their total abandonment of reality, is very symptomatic for a certain type of people. That is not a coincidence as we shall see.

Correct: they are unhinged and incompetent. As I already stated--a shocking discovery of sheer incompetence of the US media military "expertise" from the US top brass is shocking because those people, even if they have been paid, have to maintain at least some believability to the nonsense they spew. But here is the problem--real military professional would have been able at least to frame the BS into some consumable form in order to have some ways to retreat and explain things away once the BS was exposed. Not the case with US generals--they went all in and, evidently, many of them sincerely believe the BS they spew. That is shocking and, in some bizarre sense, inevitable against the background of the US Army losing one war after another, raises the question among Russian military professionals if those people are competent at all, even considering an acute case of professional envy and jealousy they experience. 

This is the new paradigm for Russia. Russians knew all along that most about NATO military was pure PR, but now--the only hope remains that some people in Pentagon are competent enough to see a disaster they helped to unleash and they can see where it all leads to. They are, as I am on record for years, the last vestiges of some remaining competence and connection to the reality in the West. After Canada's Parliament and some high ranking Canadian officer enthusiastically cheering on the veteran of 14th Waffen SS Division during this weekend, one has to assume that many of them are simply in the process of unbecoming the officers. 

Now, we get to the next act of the "drama" and a whole new wave of desperation, denial and hatred in D.C. because of that:

Ukraine has received the first batch of US-made M1 Abrams tanks promised by Washington this winter, President Vladimir Zelensky said on Monday, confirming a New York Times report from earlier in the day. Writing on Telegram, Zelensky said the Abrams main battle tanks “are already in Ukraine and preparing to reinforce our brigades” while thanking Kiev’s allies for their support. The delivery was first reported by the New York Times, which cited two US defense officials as saying that the tanks arrived in Ukraine “months ahead of initial estimates.” The shipment, according to the article, could help Kiev in its ‘counteroffensive’ against Russia, which has been going on for more than three months but has failed to gain any ground. Neither the Times’ sources nor Zelensky would say how many Abrams tanks Ukraine has received thus far. In late August, Politico reported that the US planned to deliver ten of the 31 tanks promised by President Joe Biden in late January by mid-September.

These are older versions, wouldn't matter if they have been the latest ones--the outcome is going to be the same, burning Abrams tanks will be gladly paraded by Russians for everyone to see and that marks, with the exception of those F-16s, the limit the US reached in terms of what she can supply to 404. The conclusion is not only merited but irresistible--the combined West failed at war. And here is the punchline--Russians did plan for that, they just couldn't anticipate that the West would self-annihilate that fast. After today's Volodin's statement things get even clearer.   

Ukraine to either surrender on Moscow’s terms or cease to exist — top Russian lawmaker. 

You see? After that--it is NATO's turn. Very simple.

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