Tuesday, September 12, 2023


In an instant gratification culture and video-games based reality for huge swaths of modern public, including a vast layer of overweight soy-boys after 30, the strategy of SMO is absolutely incomprehensible. They want a show, they want Russian offensive. But Vladimir Putin is clear as is Russian strategy:

Cannot get any clearer than that. And again, Russia doesn't fight VSU, whatever is left of it or will be left, once Kiev regime initiates, prompted by its incompetent military-political advisers from NATO, a full, no holds barred, total mobilization. Russia fights NATO and NATO knows it and begins to convulse and panic in a face of strategic reality. After that, once the mobilization potential of NATO and its 404 cannon fodder proxies is exhausted, Russia will finally decide what conditions she will dictate to defeated West and Russian Army will go on the offensive when it deems proper. 

As I indicated many times in the past 18+ months, it becomes absolutely clear that NATO command corps IS utterly unprepared and is NOT capable of conducting any operations against competent and well-equipped enemy. They simply do not know what it is and will continue to send company or battalion size VSU cannon fodder into the meat-grinder. They do NOT teach in NATO how to conduct large scale operations involving formations of brigade-division level and up under the conditions of being outgunned and outmaneuvered. Hence bitterness and sour grapes from such people like Colonel Wilkerson who fumes that Russians sit in defense. Well, he as a former staff officer should know that "strategic defense" does NOT preclude offensive operations and Russians have been doing just that in economy of force mode on Kupyansk operational axis. 

But Putin goes further and speaks what I am talking about since the moment Mr. Trump appointed a nutjob and genocidal maniac John Bolton his National Security Adviser in 2018. 

Putin said the prosecution in the United States of former President Donald Trump was politically motivated and demonstrated the "rottenness" of the U.S. political system. But the Kremlin chief said that no matter who won next year's U.S. election, he expected no change in Washington's policy towards Russia. "The will be no fundamental changes in the Russian direction in U.S. foreign policy, no matter who is elected president," Putin said. "The U.S. authorities perceive Russia as an existential enemy."

It is great that the head of Russian State articulated well that Russia has NO plans on the US other than seeing it burn and crash or crawling to the table to sign capitulation. Now, with impeachment show getting under way, one may get a bucket of pop-corn and observe how cabal of mostly useless people tries to bury whatever is left of present iteration of the United States. 

Meanwhile, LOL. No, ROFL))

Deutschland importiert offenbar russisches Öl über Indien. Wegen des Ukrainekriegs hat Deutschland seine direkten Öleinfuhren aus Russland eingestellt. Doch nun kommt der Stoff anscheinend über einen Umweg. Die Profiteure: indische Milliardäre und russische Investoren. 

Translation: Germany apparently imports Russian oil via India Because of the war in Ukraine, Germany stopped its direct imports of oil from Russia. But now the material apparently comes via a detour. The beneficiaries: Indian billionaires and Russian investors.

No shit, geniuses from Spiegel. And how do you think, you losers, get any cash-flow to continue to pay salaries for your sorry whore asses not to freeze completely and have something to feed your woke wives and children? Yeah, Germany increased import... 12 times and Germany better suck up to India who agrees to even deal with hypocritical cucks from Berlin. This is what Germany has become:

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has ridiculed Germany’s professed concerns about arming his country with long-range missiles, telling Berlin’s top diplomat to her face that “You will do it anyway. It’s just a matter of time.” Speaking at a joint press conference with German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock in Kiev on Monday, Kuleba was asked whether his meeting with Baerbock gave him “any hope” that Berlin could donate Taurus KEPD 350 cruise missiles to Ukraine in the near future. “No. I wouldn’t say that Annalena went beyond the official position of the German government,” he replied. Turning to Baerbock, Kuleba then said “you will do it anyway. It’s just a matter of time.” “We respect your discussions, we respect your procedures, but…there is not a single objective argument against doing it. The sooner it happens, the more it will be appreciated.”

But it is not just Germany, it is Europe as a whole. Mr Peskov today clearly indicated (in Russian) that both Macron and Scholtz have no sovereignity, which is true because both are lapdogs and will do as told. Europe has been had big time, let it enjoy.

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