Thursday, August 24, 2023

Now To Real News...

... instead of discussing the demise of a petty criminal and his enablers who thought themselves new Bismarck and Suvorov. 

Well, that's the news, big one. No, it is not the "challenge" to G7 which is in decline and dissolution, it is this proverbial New World Order but not the way it was conceived in Davos. New international institutions, as well as resurrection of UN Charter without corrupt UN, will follow. Adding Iran and SA is a wowser and it solidifies the BRICS hold on energy. 

Meanwhile, in UK. 

No, no, no--the message in UK (and EU) is clear: white European stock people need not apply. Natives, at best, will become just another minority among others and they should be thankful for that. I am on record--EU is done. In the end, Brits tolerated the rape of their girls by Pakistani gangs and their police was on it for decades. Karma is a bitch--you either die standing or you surrender on the knees. You know what Europe chose.

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