Saturday, August 19, 2023

The Yellowing Of RT.

Shoddy Journalism infection hit RT big time. They post sensationalist clickbait headline:

Ukraine conflict ‘could last for decades’ – Medvedev 

The problem is, of course, that Medvedev NEVER stated anything like this. Here is his TG channel:

Оно должно быть уничтожено дотла. Вернее так, чтобы даже пепла от него не осталось. Чтобы эта мерзость никогда, ни при каких условиях не могла возродиться. Если на это потребуются годы и даже десятилетия – так тому и быть. У нас нет выбора:

Translation: That (404) must be annihilated completely. That not even ashes remain. That filth should never resurrect under any conditions. If it will take years or even decades--so be it. We have no choice.

Obviously, RT didn't notice that Medvedev used "If" as in hypothetical scenario and that he merely indicated Russia's resolve. He never stated that conflict "could last years or decades". So, my suggestion--before RT complains about lowlife "journalism" from such sewers as CNN or BBC, they better clean their own house and stop posting tabloid sensationalist clickbait headlines and stick to real reporting.  As for the longevity of the "conflict"--there are people with qualifications and experiences beyond RT's understanding who will make sure that this conflict lasts as little time as possible. 

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