Thursday, August 3, 2023

Why Germans Do This...

... Germans are buying real estate in Kaliningrad and NOT because it is merely a former Konigsberg. No, they buy it because they move back to Russia where, as I write about it for years, they will be met with open arms as natives. 


— Поток клиентов идет из Германии. Они приезжают здесь, покупают квартиры в Калининграде, курортную недвижимость. У очень многих есть родственники в России, они оформляют просто на граждан Российской Федерации. Многие говорят о том, что многие хотят переехать и жить здесь. Собираются открывать фермерские хозяйства, пасеки, вести сельское хозяйство.

Translation: TATYANA TARANTSOVA, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE GUILD OF REALTORS OF KALININGRAD: — The flow of clients comes from Germany. They come here, buy apartments in Kaliningrad, resort real estate. A lot of people have relatives in Russia, they simply apply for citizens of the Russian Federation. Many say that many want to move and live here. They are going to open farms, apiaries, to conduct agriculture.

Funny how history works. Generally, any normal Christian root person, even the "atheist" (yes, you can be one) is welcome. 

Here are Germans going back, because they are normal people (sadly, in Russian only). OK, here is Lora from California who dominates Krasnodar blocks, LOL))
Granted, Krasnodar Krai IS California. And here is the issue--I do not advocate for anything. Each morning I get up and look at my mountains and Pacific Northwest and I reflect on a beauty of a nature and people who USED to live here. Today it is different, but I always say, we still live by what surrounds us. It is also a difference in human experiences--I, as well as my family, we are entranced by Montana or Wyoming, not least because after a few hours of drive you face mighty Pacific. Krasnoyarsk Ergaki or Altai are as beautiful, but no ocean anywhere near. It is complicated. I always need a big water. 

But here we are:

Or Sabrina finally getting her citizenship:
Life is complex, yet, it is very simple beyond the realm of ignorant masters of discourse and it is about what once was written based on a fundamental civilization law--life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. How strange that it doesn't apply to a country which gave it to the world. But then again, for years I stated--Russia is an Arc.

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