Thursday, August 3, 2023

Some Russian News Outlets...

 ... noticed World Bank's 2022 PPP GDP statistics

Immediate issue: US $25 trillion GDP is fiction--most of it is in non-productive services and price of assets inflation. Moreover, as I am on record--even PPP criteria is bogus because it doesn't reflect a quantitative effect of real economy. Russia now dwarfs Germany. Here is data from 2020 (it is also in my today's video). 

Since then, things went really sour in Germany, while in Russia they are... growing. 

As I stated for years--Russia's race is not with Germany, it is with Japan and the trend here is clear too. Granted, Japan still is automotive, shipbuilding and electronics superpower. But Russia is growing both in shipbuilding and has a highly developed aerospace industry. So, the target is clear and everything that is needed to achieve it is in place. 

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