Saturday, August 19, 2023

Define Win.

 LOL, didn't we hear this before, with Bill Clinton. 

On if Ukraine can win 

“That depends on what you mean by the word ‘win.’” 

I have news for Milley--"win" is achieving political objectives of the war. This is the ONLY definition. Key political objective of SMO for Russia is annihilation of 404 as NATO stooge and a removal of the Kiev regime and its sponsors. This is tantamount to annihilation of 404 as such and Russia is "brutally proficient" (quoting NYT, I believe) in achieving these objectives which imply annihilation of VSU. So, no amount of semantics can hide a clusterfuck at the top of military and political levels in the US. Only moron could believe Ukie "success" at Kharkov last year and only a graduate of Ivy League humanities program believes that territory as such means much in modern war. Accidentally, Russians simply withdrew from around Kharkov in 2022 because saw no military sense in expending resources on it. 

Now, Milley follows the path of many other US JCSs and military leaders who managed to lose every single war they ever fought, because they never, quoting Vladimir Lenin, "studied warfare in the most realistic way". And don't tell me that I didn't warn about it--I did. And here we are with this infamous Bill's request: "define what word "is" is." I, meanwhile, off to eating shawarma. Should be at Patriot Park on Tuesday. 

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